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 2018-07-13: ENTER AND LOCK YOUR ROSTERS ASAP, PLEASE: You need to do this so you can enter your game results and then see updated standings and ineligible pitchers. I thank you, and your opponents thank you.

East Nepean RkCdn #1
Orleans RkCdn #1
Ottawa West RkCdn #1
East Nepean RkNat #2
Orleans RkNat #2
Orleans RkNat #3
Ottawa West RkNat #2
Ottawa West RkNat #3
Carleton-Russell MnAS Aces
East Nepean MnAS Eagles
Glebe MnAS
Orleans MnAS
Ottawa West MnAS Twins
South Ottawa MnAS Blues
Carleton-Russell MnCdn Aces
East Nepean MnCdn Eagles
Glebe MnCdn
Kanata MnCdn Blue Cubs
Mississippi MnCdn Whitecaps
Orleans MnCdn #2
Orleans MnCdn #3
Ottawa West MnCdn
South Ottawa MnCdn Blues
East Nepean MnNat Green Eagles
East Nepean MnNat Grey Eagles
East Nepean MnNat White Eagles
Kanata MnNat Red Cubs
Mississippi MnNat Whitecaps
Orleans MnNat #4
Orleans MnNat #5
Ottawa West MnNat
South Ottawa MnNatBlues
Carleton-Russell MjAS Aces
East Nepean MjAS Eagles
Glebe MjAS
Kanata MjAS Blue Cubs
Orleans MjAS
Ottawa West MjAS Twins
South Ottawa MjAS Blues
East Nepean MjCdn Green Eagles
East Nepean MjCdn White Eagles
Glebe MjCdn
Greely MjCdn Hawks
Kanata MjCdn Grey Cubs
Kanata MjCdn Red Cubs
Mississippi MjCdn Whitecaps
Orleans MjCdn
Ottawa West MjCdn
South Ottawa MjCdnBlues
Casselman MjNat #2
East Nepean MjNat #4
East Nepean MjNat #5
East Nepean MjNat #6
Greely MjNat Hawks
Orleans MjNat #3
Orleans MjNat #4
Ottawa West MjNat #3
Ottawa West MjNat #4
South Ottawa MajNat Blues (D'Amours)
South Ottawa MjNatBlues (Small)
Carleton-Russell JrCdn Aces
East Nepean JrCdn Green Eagles
East Nepean JrCdn Intermediate Eagles
Glebe JrCdn Giants
Kanata JrCdn Blue Cubs
Mississippi JrCdn Whitecaps
Orleans JrCdn
Ottawa West JrCdn Twins
South Ottawa JrCdn Blues
East Nepean JrNat Black Eagles
Glebe JrNat Giants
Hawkesbury JrNat Blue Sox
Kanata JrNat Red Cubs
Orleans JrNat
Ottawa West JrNat #2
Prescott-Russell JrNat Rangers
South Ottawa JrNat Blues
Carleton-Russell Sr Aces
East Nepean Sr #1
East Nepean Sr #2
Mississippi Sr Whitecaps
Orleans Sr #1
Orleans Sr #2
Ottawa West SrCdn Twins
Prescott-Russell Sr Rangers
South Ottawa SrCdn Blues

 2018-07-03: INTERLOCK RULES:

The Interlock Rules were updated at the Summer Interlock meeting on June 13. I forgot to upload them to this site, until now. The new rules are there now, please download them. The main difference is we put in the 5-runs-per-inning limit at *all* levels EXCEPT Major All-Stars. But there are some additional changes for 2018, so please check them out.

 2018-07-01: HEAT WARNING: I have started to get a lot of e-mails about what to do if there is a really hot & humid day. My response is that it should be treated like rain or other weather. In any case, even without weather, if both teams coaches can agree to a different date before postponing a game, then they are welcome to postpone that game. If they can't agree on a make-up date, then the game stays where it is. When it comes to game time, the umpires can always postpone or stop a game for safety reasons, and concern about heat stroke would fall into that category. In short, it is not my decision to make. I will point out that they play Little League baseball in Texas... and in Saudi Arabia -- rumour has it that those places are pretty hot some times. Take lots of water.

Here is what I wrote in 2010, and I think it matches what I said above:

HEAT WARNING: We have received two e-mails asking us to cancel games when Ottawa's Medical Officer of Health issues a heat warning. One such warning was issued on Mon 5 Jul, 2010, saying "The Medical Officer of Health is issuing a Heat Warning until further notice. Extreme heat can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke and even death. For more information please contact Ottawa Public Health Information at 613-580-6744"

Bill & I have discussed this by telephone this afternoon.

Little League's Official Rule book has a policy that could be applied in this situation, but not by me and/or Bill. The role of the D.A. as defined by Little League is to act as liaison between the Little Leagues and Little League Canada. We have very little power to enforce rules, and none to make them. It is typically left to the League Presidents to set and enforce rules in their leagues. For Interlock Play, the Presidents work together and set policy by consensus, and Bill and I end up being the "monitors" of that policy. Therefore, we don't feel we have the authority to make rulings on whether it is too hot to play, or to set a new policy today to cover what to do during a Heat Warning.

For the existing policy, please see the Official Rule Book's Appendix B - Safety Code for Little League: "No games or practices should be held when weather or field conditions are not good, particularly when lighting is inadequate. (See Lightning Saftey Guidelines)." They are talking more about rain and/or lightning, but we suppose a league could apply it to heat. The rules do not mention heat; after all the game is played in places like Texas, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia, to name just three hot spots.

The determination of "unsafe conditions" is not made solely by coaches or executives. Parents have a role -- is certainly their choice if they don't want to send their child to a field in the current conditions, but if they do it is also their responsibility to make sure the child has adequate water. And Umpires have a role, too. In fact, if an umpire says "unsafe", then it is "unsafe", no questions asked.

That said, we do not want to cancel games before game time, as conditions can change, and we don't want to set any precedents which would lead people (like Parents and Coaches) to believe they can cancel games as it suits them.

But what we will do for the duration of the current Heat Warning by the Medical Officer is this: (AT THE GAME SITE) If Coaches agree conditions are unsafe, or if the Umpires declare conditions are unsafe, (and in this case it is due to the heat), then we will reschedule the game without charging a forfeit to either team. We feel this is in accordance with the existing Safety Code, and does not ask us to set a policy when we don't have the authority to do so.


We need some help again this summer. A number of people have stepped up already, but we still need a convener for Rookie, and for two of the Minor tiers.

We will have the following divisions and tiers:

One convener can be responsible for all the tiers in a single division, or a tier could have its own convener. If the latter is the case, the conveners will co-operate to make sure there are no diamond conflicts.

Here is the job description as written in the Interlock Rules document:

Conveners: It is essential that INTERLOCK have a convener for each division (ROOKIE, MINOR, MAJOR, JUNIOR, SENIOR). The same convener can look after both the Canadians ("A") and Nationals ("B") leagues in the same age group. [We can now include "All-Stars" at Minor and Major in that list as well. - JD] The convener should NOT be a coach although it can be someone who is associated with a team. It should be someone who can communicate via email any day of the week. The convener will be responsible for:
Regular season scheduling is being done for you. (Linda Jolivet does almost all of it, I will do the Rookie schedules.) If you are interested in Rookie or Minor please email Thank you!


PARENTS: Before the start of Tournament Play (a.k.a. "Districts", "Provincials", etc.), each player on a Tournament team must have had their age and residency (or school attendance & location) verified. There is a form called "Tournament Player Verification" that if you fill it out properly, can last for the rest of the player's Little League career. It is normally accompanied by copies of the birth certificate for age, and 3 documents for residence OR 1 document for school attendance. I have prepared a tutorial to help you through the process, and you can get it by clicking here. If you still have the (signed) form and documents from a previous year, you can re-submit those, no need to do a new one. If you have moved out of league boundaries, or if you were using a school address and you have since changed schools to one that is now outside league boundaries, ask your President about a II(d) waiver.

Here are forms you might need:

TEAM ADMINISTRATORS: Your job is to build the binder which contains the Tournament Affidavit and the Tournament Player Verification packages for your team, as well as a map and some other things. I made a tutorial for you, too -- but that was for 2017. In 2018, Little League International has switched to doing affidavits on-line via the Little League Data Center. Here is a tutorial on how to do it:

Data Center Affidavit Tutorial (10-minute video webinar)
LL International's Tournament Affidavit FAQ (some good info here)

As of right now, only your League President and Player Agent (Registrar?) have access to the Data Centre, so your League President will work with you to get that done. Part of the process will generate the map for you automatically. My old tutorial is still slightly useful because it does discuss what goes into your binder besides the affidavit and map, as well as including the now obsolete detailed 2017 instructions on how to fill out the affidavit. You can get it by clicking here.


Before you can do anything, you need (a) an account, and (b) to be on your team's contact list.

If you had an account in a previous season, it probably still exists. Here is what to do if you have forgotten it and/or your password:

Head Coaches should ask their Convener to assign them as the Head Coach of his/her particular team. If you do not already have a D2 web site account, he/or she will make it for you.

Head Coaches can then add Assistant Coaches, Team Admin, and Scorekeeper. Any of those people should be able to add the roster and enter game results.

Checking your contact info: Please check if the emails and phone numbers for you are correct. If you need to change, you can change info yourself by clicking on the 'Edit' link next to your name (on any Contacts page you appear on). Your account name is shown at the top of the page, and is normally the first initial of your first name and your last name, eg: jdean, but thare are exceptions. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the "I forgot my password!" button at the bottom of your page. This will send an email to the address list in your profile, with a link and instructions to reset your password. If that info is no good, you will need yout Convener's help to set it. Due to a 'gotcha' in the system, never try to change your password and your contact data at the same time. Do password first, submit it, then do the data change, and submit it. Or vice versa.

Adding asst coaches and score keepers etc: Once the head coach is added, he/she can add asst coaches and their info by clicking on 'add first asst coach'. This takes you to a page with a filter that lets you search for accounts already on the D2 system. You can enter first or last name in the search filter.(For ex: if I enter 'Adams' and press filter it lists 'Clark Adams' and 'Matthew Adams'.) if the name/account does not exist, you will need to add a new user account, (Click the "Add New User" link, follow the instructions on that page, and then return to the filter box and button and try again. You should now be able to assign the person as an assistant coach. Repeat these steps for other team roles as well. Remember when you add a new user, please always use the first letter of their first name, and last name as the account name. If there are name conflicts, (i.e Andrew Smith and Anthony Smith), you may use extra letters such as antsmith for the second Smith. When adding adults' contact info, use their whole first name in the First Name box. When adding youths to your roster, we will ask you to use only first initials. This helps protect our children.

Adding players to your roster: As above you can add players to the roster. From your team's page, click the "Edit/View Roster" link. For players who already played in spring or summer interlocks their names should be in the system already. All you need to do for them is to search for their name, select them and assign the jersey # and save. Please mark all kids as eligible to pitch, unless the kid is an overage player playing in a lower division.(eg. a 15 yr old in a 13-14 division). If a player is not listed, you need to add the player first into the system before adding to the roster. You will need their DOB as well in order to add their names into the system. This is needed to confirm age eligibility. Rosters need to be locked before you can enter game results. Rostered players need to have uniform numbers in order for the roster to be locked. You can use bogus numbers and change them later, even when the roster is locked.

How to enter your game results will be posted in a day or two.


If you are new to our "SMaLL" system for league management, here are 4 .pdf files containing tuorials (with pictures!) that should help get you going. They are:

  1. Your Account and Contact Info
  2. Assigning People to Roles and Adding New Users
  3. Entering Rosters and Adding New Players
  4. Entering Game Results

 2010-03-30: WHAT LEAGUE AM I IN?: We get this question from new Little League families quite a bit. To help answer this question, I have put together a map of the Little League boundaries for District 2 (Ottawa West out to Arnprior) and District 6 (Ottawa East out to Hawkesbury). It's a Google Map, so you can zoom in to your residence and discover which boundary it lies inside. You can click this link or click the "see more here..." link, and find out what your League is, and get its web site address as well. see more here...

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