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Districts 2016 Minor Photos

If a photo is missing below and you have one, or if you have a better one, then please send it in.

Districts 2016 Minor Champions -- Ottawa West Minor Twins
Manager: C. Alain, Coach: R. Baker, Coach: S. Smith, Coach: M. Amodeo, B. Alain, C. Bissonnette, K. Zhou, W. Watson, C. French, HENRY. He, K. Lehman, M. Amodeo, CA. Colvin, CA. Smith, MAR. McKinnon, ERAY. Yilmaz

Districts 2016 Minor Finalists -- East Nepean Minor Eagles
Manager: L. Klimchuk, Coach: M. Hamer, Coach: D. James, AI. Moore, N. Bertrand, W. Boudrias, S. Campbell, D. Carter, K. Cooney, C. Hamer, B. James, NO. McNeil, P. O'Sullivan, S. Peloso, D. Turner, J. Van Noort

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