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Districts 2018 Junior Photos

If a photo is missing below and you have one, or if you have a better one, then please send it in.

Districts 2018 Junior Champions -- East Nepean Junior Eagles
Manager: S. Goldberg, B. Goldberg, L. Finn, C. Maes, T. Normand, L. O’connor, CA. Kuseler, OW. Macdonald, _. Fahey, N. Hum, P. Pietrobon, A. Duncan, D. Vizzari, H. Wellstead

Districts 2018 Junior Finalists -- Ottawa West Junior Twins
Manager: M. Mclean, Coach: W. McPherson, AH. Barton, E. Bertoia, JAMES. Cole, AN. O'Connell, BR. Howard, E. Mclean, B. McPherson, R. Mullins, C. Murphy, RHYS. Patrick, A. Rosenberg, R. Symes

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