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Role of the Umpire

The prerequisites for a good umpire - and the ingredients of a good reputation - are varied. An umpire must be decisive, objective, consistent, and courageous. An umpire must hustleand anticipate what will happen during a play. An umpire must be a disciplinarian, but must also be understanding about players' and coaches' frustrations. An umpire must also, from time to time, listen to players and coaches and, occasionally, teach them a thing or two.

Joe Brinkman, The Umpire's Handbook, 1987


By Jim Dean, District Administrator of Ontario District #2

The District Umpire Consultant (DUC) is a position created by Little League International to assist a District Administrator (DA). The DUC is appointed by the DA.

While Little League International has provided the definition of a DUC, this DA has further refined that into the following list of things the the DUC must do:

  1. The DUC must be the first resource that this DA can call on for a discussion about, or interpretation on, the Official Rules. This DA does not need someone who always agrees with him on rules. What is needed is someone who can provide insight into the rules, such as a historical perspective about why things are they way they are.
  2. The DUC must be able to design and implement Umpire Training Courses at the Introductory and Advanced levels, which the DUC will then be responsible for presenting in the Spring.
  3. The DUC must be able to design and implement the Pre-Districts Coaches meeting, the main topic of which is the difference between Regular Season Rules and Tournament Rules.
  4. The DUC must be able to schedule umpires for all District, Provincial and Canadian Tournament Games held in this District. While the rules give the DA "full responsibility" for umpiring at Tournament games, this DA has delegated this bit of authority to the current DUC.

In addition to those formal requirements, the DUC will also be eligible to be invited by the DA to participate in Discipline or Protest Committees. The DUC will also manage the awarding of District Umpire numbers and maintain the list of District Umpires.

Like all local Little League positions including DA, the DUC is a volunteer position. He/she makes no money for his/her time and troubles, and in fact often gets blamed for things that are out of the DUC's control. For that reason, this DA allows the DUC one "perq" -- provided he/she has the qualifications, the DUC is entitled to schedule himself/herself as the home plate umpire in the final game of a District, Provincial or Canadian tournament held in this District.

We are very fortunate that our current DUC is Ken Allen. He performs all of the above duties at a very high level, and puts in many, many hours. He does this in addition to being the District Webmaster (including designing and programming the SMaLL management system we use for Interlock, Big League, and Districts), which also takes a great deal of time and effort. If you have any comments about the role of the DUC as spelled out above, you should contact the DUC and the DA.

2019 Umpire Clinic Material

You can find a PDF version of the 2019 Introductory Umpire Clinic material here.


By Jim Dean, District Administrator (DA) of Ontario District #2
and Ken Allen, District Umpire Consultant (DUC)

A DISTRICT UMPIRE is a local league umpire who has reached a level of proficiency and maturity such that they:

UMPIRE NUMBERS are the red digits you see on the sleeves of some umpires in the District. They are granted to an umpire who has proven himself/herself to be of a certain high calibre and who has become a District Umpire as defined above. Both of these things are somewhat subjective. There is no algorithm that says “Do these things and you get your numbers” — under the authority of the DA, umpire numbers shall be granted or awarded to qualified umpires at the discretion of the DUC. Umpires will be asked for several choices of a preferred number, but numbers of active umpires within the District will be unique. The purchase and application of numbers are left to the individual umpire.

Umpire Availability for 2017 Districts

District Umpire Numbers

Number Umpire League
01 Not Available N/A
02 Bill Doraty past DUC
10 Deirdre Allen D2/OWLL
11 Amanda Drolet CFR
12 Brendan Irvin Pinecrest
13 Ken Allen DUC
14 Tom Kowalik East Nepean
16 Bill Wong East Nepean
19 Jack Burnett East Nepean
21 Jamie Burans Kanata
24 Angelo Scolli Pinecrest
25 Rhys Allen CFR
29 Mike Tibbs Kanata
33 Mike Davis CFR
36 Ben Hare CFR
39 Jeff Dever Kanata
40 Mark Bradley KLL
44 Rick Norris Kanata
51 Jim Wilson WCA
54 Frank Schilder Pinecrest
58 Dan Philippe East Nepean
66 Steve Morling Kanata

League UIC Umpires

  • Each League has a different situation.
  • Consult you local League for details.

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