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With the approval of Little League International, for several years Little League Canada has had a license to operate CABA programs in Canada. In this case, CABA stands for "Continental Amateur Baseball Association", and should not be confused with another group that recently started in Eastern Canada and uses the same initials.

When Little League International shut down its Big League program, Canadian D.A.s asked Little League Canada to come up with a replacement. The response has been to use the CABA license already belonging to Little League Canada and run a 19U program.

This is the only program for 17-19 year-old players that is supported by Little League Canada. The head of the CABA 19U program is Valerie Erickson, from Alberta, a Canadian former D.A.

In Ontario District 2, East Nepean Little League is leading the charge to build the CABA U-19 program, and Ottawa West Little League is now on board as well!

If you are of this age group, and live within District 2 boundaries, you may register in East Nepean's CABA U-19 program, or in Ottawa West's CABA U-19 program, even if you don't live within East Nepean or Ottawa West boundaries, as it is being run as a District program, not a League program. (But ENLL and OWLL residenets sghould try their "home" league first.) Our plan is to have a regular season with teams from D2 and D6, similar to what has been done in Big League for many seasons.

For East Nepean, please contact, or for more information, go to

For Ottawa West, please contact, or for more information, go to


 2017-02-28: Pete Loyen Spring Tournament - Major and Junior Divisions

Ottawa West (OWLLBA) is pleased to be hosting the Pete Loyen Spring Tournament again in 2017.
Target teams are All-Star, Select, Travel Team, A tier Little League for Major and Junior Levels.
For Spring house teams in B/National Tier, we welcome merged teams.
Teams from out of town will not play a Friday evening game (unless specifically requested).

Little League Rules for batting and pitching will apply / Age as of Apr 30, 2017 plus 11's born in May-Aug 2006. (See Major (11-12) and Junior (13-14) excerpt from Little League age table, below)
Contact to reserve your spot: Craig Alain /

 2016-09-20: BIG LEAGUE REPLACEMENT IS COMING!!! (IN CANADA) A Note from Roy Bergerman, President of Little League Canada

As most of you are aware, Little League International has taken the step of ending the baseball and softball programs for ages 16 to 18 years of age within the overall Little League Program. This has been a topic of discussion between staff in Williamsport for some time, however the speed at which it occurred and lack of forewarning was troubling to many of us involved in the program.

As a result of this decision, the Executive Committee hosted a conference call for all District Administrators in Canada on September 5th to discuss the ramifications of this decision and what alternatives we may have as many of us wish to continue to provide our quality baseball and softball programs for these age groups. The DAs asked the Executive Committee to explore possibilities in a timely fashion as several registration dates are approaching for certain areas in Canada.

The Executive Committee began preliminary fact seeking immediately and then met on September 17th to develop a solution.

Although there are many unknowns at this time, we believe we have enough of a viable outline for a program for this age group for the leagues and districts to proceed with registration while we fill out the details as soon as possible.

What we envision is a program for players aged 17 to 19 years of age in either baseball or softball. The rationale for the change in ages from Big League is twofold: firstly, we have had 19-year old players in some programs in the past using a waiver and, secondly, removing the 16-year old players from the division of play eliminates any impact on the Little League Senior program and thus no chance of support from Williamsport.

We believe we have a viable governance model outside of your present Little League Boards which places this new program in a position of independence from your governance and thus will not be an issue with Little League International.

More details will follow regarding the age grouping, the operational and administrational process, and year end championship opportunities as they develop and we can confirm them.

In the meantime, please prepare for your registration processes to have some form of program for the 2017 season. Hopefully we can give you much more concrete information prior to any registration dates. If you have a date approaching that cannot be postponed, please let me know. We will try and work out a solution such as an informal registration where participants would clearly understand the uncertainties we face at the moment.

Feel free to share this communique with all your Board members and prospective players. The Executive is cautiously optimistic about this evolving opportunity and I look forward to bringing you more details in the coming days. With your input as we move along, and having the Executive members dedicated to a solution, I am hopeful we can have a solid foundation built for discussion at our Board of Directors meeting in November.

Roy Bergerman, President
Little League Canada

 2010-03-30: WHAT LEAGUE AM I IN?: We get this question from new Little League families quite a bit. To help answer this question, I have put together a map of the Little League boundaries for District 2 (Ottawa West out to Arnprior) and District 6 (Ottawa East out to Hawkesbury). It's a Google Map, so you can zoom in to your residence and discover which boundary it lies inside. You can click this link or click the "see more here..." link, and find out what your League is, and get its web site address as well. see more here...

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